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How it all began

It has been a long journey with many twists and turns, this spiritual path I embarked on. With early Catholic roots, I morphed into your basic Christian beliefs and that wasn't a good fit either. So I began my spiritual journey.

Constantly reading books and talking to others has led me to my “current” beliefs. I say current because it is an ever-changing journey. Adding, editing, and strengthening my beliefs.  I believe Source meets us where we are.  I think Source teaches us in a way we are comfortable with. For some it may be organized religion, for others, it may be more of a metaphysical path.

I have lived my entire life following society’s rules. I am pretty much over that. I believe we are all connected to Source. My heartbeat is connected to your heartbeat. I can be a beautiful human being without following someone else’s rules, dogma, and beliefs. I do not need numerous tools and symbols unless they speak to me. Love and intention are the two driving factors.  It ain't that hard! 

This is where the idea for Blue Collar Spirituality™ came from. Every day people coming together in love.

Peace, love, and joy!
Sue Brassel

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